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English Premier League Football

The Premier League certainly lives up to its name.  It is the primary football competition in England, and it is atop the pinnacle of the English football league system.  The Premier League is the most-watched football league across the globe.  Matches are broadcast to 212 countries, and are watched by an over 600 million people. Stadiums are constantly filled to an average 92 percent capacity.

As such, the Premier league is also a financial juggernaut.  Currently, the Premier League is sponsored by Barclay’s Bank, and should properly be referred to as the Barclay’s Premier League.   The Premier league’s enormous popularity has enabled them to sifn a lucrative deal worth a staggering 3 billion pounds in 2013.

There are 20 clubs in the league, and the path to a crowned champion is straightforward.  In a double round-robin tournament, each club plays every other club twice, once at each club’s stadium.  Consequently, each club plays a total of 38 matches. Points are awarded for wins, less points for ties, and no points for losses.

The club with the most points at the end of the year is the champion, with tiebreakers in place if the points are equal.  In the 21 years since the league has been in existence, only five teams have won the championship.

Manchester United has won 12 titles, Arsenal and Chelsea have each won three titles, with one title apiece going Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City. Manchester United has a program so strong that they have never finished out of the top three. Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool are such powerhouses, they are known collectively as “The Big Four”.

Some feel this dominance actually hurts the league, because of the dearth of competition. However, the rabid adulation of hundreds of millions of fans says quite differently.  As of right now, the Premier League enjoys a worldwide level of popularity unrivalled among any other professional sports organisation.

Part of the reason for the international popularity is the high number of non-British players in the league.  Because of the enormous revenue enjoyed by the Premier League, there is no salary cap among its players.  Player salaries dwarf those of other leagues, so the best international players invariably gravitate to the Premier League.

For the sheer spectacle of watching a sport’s greatest players competing at the very highest levels, there is no substitute for the English Premier Football league.

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